The Best Books for Active Day Trading

Trading From Your Gut by Curtis Faith A really great book on building your instinct and intuition – a skill that is important in active day trading. Amazon link One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore Probably the best book written on trading in recent years. It is an insight into the world of non-algorithmic proprietary […]

What are the trading rules you live by?

Here is the answer to the question from Paul Tudor Jones in Market Wizards. Don’t ever average losers. Decrease your trading volume when you are trading poorly; increase your volume when you are trading well. Never trade in situations where you don’t have control. For example, I don’t risk significant amounts of money in front […]

FAQ: How much should you trade?

An important consideration in any trading strategy is how many contracts to trade or how much money to allocate to a particular trade. This article answers this very question.