The Best Books for Active Day Trading

Trading From Your Gut by Curtis Faith A really great book on building your instinct and intuition – a skill that is important in active day trading. Amazon link One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore Probably the best book written on trading in recent years. It is an insight into the world of non-algorithmic proprietary […]

How Can You Fight Another Day?

Guy, is it common to see day traders having consecutive tough weeks and still find a way to keep coming back ready to fight another day?

One Way to Fix Randomly Wrong Trades

Guy, I am having a tough week. This weird cycle I have since many weeks ago keeps happening and I need to break it. Somehow, I will be up early in the day, then mistakes start happening. I have noticed that nothing is different about my psychology, and my thinking (NO revenge trading etc), but just randomly wrong. What can I do?

Q&A: Reading the Market

Question: This type of market (S&P and SPI) may make you think a bottom is around the corner and you be lured into buying at the first sign of reversal. How can we avoid taking the wrong signals?