You can always tell a scalper by the type of questions he asks – short and to the point. It makes them easy to answer. Here are some questions recently received via email.

Hi Guy

Below are some of my thoughts on ZN. Wondering if you could comment on them? Am i in the right direction in analyzing the market? Do the ‘rules’ listed down in some bullet points make sense?

1. Scratch more often. Queue to enter. Scratch if size gets thinner too fast. See pt 9 too.
GB: Love it.

2. When approaching a weak support or resistance from a few ticks away, fade once only.
GB: Hmmm, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Try scaling in like you would in the levels exercise from my DOM Boot Camp course.

3. The longer a position waits to square, the more likely it will lose. Scratch or cut non performing positions earlier.
GB: More time in the market will teach you the ‘know when to hold and know when to fold’ approach.

4. Follow EMA 22 on 1 min chart. Only upsize once when touch ema. Reduce to one clip ASAP, by scratch/cut/tp.
GB: Not my thing, but if it works for you then fine.

5. Fading major support/resistance fail: cut and turn around immediately.
GB: Careful not to pay up on entry, particularly in a quiet market.

GB: Absolutely, more than anything.

7. Look for leading signal from related market.
GB: Yes, and try to define what a signal will be for your related market.

8. Try averaging moderately in sideways market. Enter at every two ticks.
GB: Yes. Define how you average and where your stop will be.

9. For ZN sl and tp should not be 1 tick.
GB: Yes, but be flexible.