Is it common to see day traders having consecutive tough weeks and still find a way to keep coming back ready to fight another day? I think the fear of stopping out and not being able to churn out the profits is taking its toll on me. I was doing good last week but then, this week I just got stopped out one session a day, that’s 4 in a day. Last 3 days it felt easy to come back but today, somehow I just felt so worn out being a bad trader. Would be good if you could share what they do or how they change things.

[Answer] Everyone goes through those phases. For some it may be a day, a week or even longer.

I guess the way to deal with this is realise you are still new to this. The whole point of trading on a simulator or demo account is not to make ticks day in day out, but to try different things, see what works, what doesn’t, learn how to adapt to market conditions and build a collection of ‘tools’ with which you can trade what is in front of you. Make a point to learn something from losses and learns something from profits. Each day you should walk home thinking “this is wheat I learnt today…”

Trading is very much a constant and often challenging test of your endurance, patience and resilience. I think it’s fair to say that everyone deals with these things a little differently. For example, Trader A might need to take a break when things are going well. Trader B might need to keep pushing himself and Trader C simply knows to keep trading but scale back on size until he is back in the groove. Every trader’s challenge is to find what works for them.