Somehow I have been put on an email list where at least once a week I receive an email about ‘robots’.

“Forex Robot Baffles Wall Street” – this was the title of a recent one.

Now there may well be some knuckleheads on Wall Street, but do you think they are really baffled by a ‘Forex Robot’? And just what is a Forex Robot anyway? C-3P0 could speak over 6 million languages, but I never saw him trade.

Yes, yes I know what they mean by robots is just a computerized buy/sell program, but are they really fooling anyone by calling it a robot?

Garbage, garbage, garbage!

There is nothing wrong with buying a trading system or getting your trading ideas from an expert, but I guarantee even the best of trading systems do not have the power to baffle anyone. Silly claims generally amount to a waste of money.