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GB’s podcasts are short and sharp educational broadcasts looking at market trivia, stats, specs, opinions and experience trading the markets. In the latest series, we look at one market at a time.

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About Guy Bower. Trading Coach and Author.

Guy has more than 20 years’ experience in the market as a money manager for a CTA, a private trader, a professional trader, trading coach, analyst and broker.

He is the author of multiple books, eBooks, training material and courses relating to futures and options trading.

Within the world of proprietary trading, Guy has trained traders for two Australian based firms as well as recruited and managed in-house prop traders.

He has also been the CEO of a stock broking and funds management firm, managing A$1billion.



Premium Level Training

In-depth courses for the prop trader in all of us. Guided support.

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By Traders for Traders

TradingCourses offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses for active day and proprietary traders.

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Podcasts for Traders

The BowerPost is a free service for traders with trading podcasts and other useful market information.

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Web Design Services

Building sites for financial apps and small business. We built TradingCourses, BowerPost, this site and many others.

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Algo Training

Professor Algo offers training and certification for ADL (Algo Design Lab).

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Books and Mags


Options: A Complete Guide. 3rd Ed.


Pricing and Charting Yield Curve Spreads.


Trading Prop


Interviewed in Bullseye: Top Trader Thinking.


Prop Trader Interview Series.


Online Trading Summit Presenter


A Guide to Writing a Resume for Traders.


A Beginners Guide to Futures Spreads.


Contributor to William Eng’s great book.


Trading with Depth of Market.


Trading Commodity Markets


The Wiley Trading Guide.


Options: A Complete Guide. US Version.


Building your Plan.

Get On Track

Download the short guide to getting productive and focused.

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Past Training Programs


THE Program

Originally build for eProp Trading, the P12 Proprietary Trading Program was a 12-week online program built for new proprietary traders and well as private traders educating themselves. It covered both scalping and longer-term trading styles.


Yield Spreading

A structured four-week training and simulation program with GB’s guided mentoring with a focus on yield curve, intermarket spreading and fixed interest analysis. This program was used at a prop trading firm in Sydney and Melbourne.


Spread Trading

An online newsletter with a focus on guided seasonal spread trading opportunities for private traders. The newsletter identified longer trading strategies in various markets including grains, energies and soft commodities.


DOM Scalping

GB’s six-week online and longer in-house program was used at a prop firm in Sydney. The program had a focus on active index and fixed interest trading using Order Flow and related styles. It included trader simulation and statisitcal evaluation.

Other Book and eBook Titles

Trading Gold Options

Options Home Study Program

Trading Option Volatility

Guide to Futures and Spread Trading

Getting Started in Proprietary Trading

Dollar Value Analysis

Trading Commodity Markets

Getting Started in Bond Market Futures

Options Strategy Guide

Trading Relative Value

The 10s:10s Spread Trade

Magazine Contributions

ASX brochures (Au)

Shares Magazine (Au)

Shares Weekly (Au)

Australian Financial Review

Active Trader (US)

Trader Magazine (Germany)

Bower Report (Thomson Reuters)

Your Trading Edge (Au)