Meet the Greeks – Part 1

(Originally published in Active Trader magazine) What a boring game all this would be if option prices showed no fluctuations! The price, or premium, of an option is constantly changing for whatever reason. As an options trader you must be prepared, armed with the knowledge of how an option price can react in certain scenarios. You can look at that …

Guide to Economic Indicators

Economic indicators can have a huge impact on the market; therefore, knowing how to interpret and analyse them is important for all investors. These tutorials cover some of the most important economic indicators. Just follow this link:

Risks in Futures Trading

I recently saw the following post on an investment forum. I thought it would be an interesting topic for my newsletter. So here is my long answer: Question: Is the risk factor of investing in commodity futures greater or lesser than that in funds? Answer: Generally speaking the risk of trading futures is greater than investing in funds. I stress …

Introducing Harvey Bower

We have a new staff member! Harvey, the red toy poodle, is being groomed to monitor a few special markets such as pork bellies and chicken neck futures. Harvey is welcomed by his brothers Gucci and Reno.

Q&A: Excellent iGoogle Gadgets

Question: Dear Guy. I noticed on your page you had links to a few stock quote gadgets. They seem like a great idea. Would you mind supplying the links to those? Answer: Thanks for the feedback. It’s amazing how much you can get for free. Here is a link for Stock Market Quotes. And here are a couple of other …